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Illuminate Your Space With AlphaW Design Backlit LED Panels

Whether used for decoration, window advertising, exhibitions or as a stand out communications tool, AlphaW Design backlit panels fit perfectly into any display.

The panels are thin (only 9cm thickness) and give off very little heat (50 watts per square metre) - three times less than a standard system using fluorescent tubes. This makes it possible to install LED panels in relatively small spaces while at the same time maintaining balanced heating.

LED Backlit Pannels

Create Stunning Visuals

Choose the image you want to display and AlphaW Design will print it onto fabric and then mount it onto the backlit panel.

Panels can be used for advertising, exhibitions, corporate messaging, or simple interior designs to maximise your visual impact.

With a lifetime of 30,000 hours and with very low energy usage, these Backlit Panels make stunning illuminated displays.

backlit panels to illuminate your exhibition stand

Make your Exhibition Space Shine

Because AlphaW panels are custom made to fit any specification they are perfect to create incredible exhibition spaces.

The Backlit Panels are lightweight and easy to set up and install. The fabric can either be replaced to refresh your message, or dry cleaned so you can use them time and again.

"The panels create a focal point which reinforces the county's identity within the heart of the space and tie together the colours used throughout the building."

Rebecca Furse - Designer & Environmental Psychologist - DKA

illuminate your window display and advertise your products 24/7

Catch the Eye with Advertising and Window Displays

Use AlphaW Backlit panels to create advertisements and window displays that attract maximum attention, even when it's dark! The artwork can be changed as often as you like to keep your product promotion updated.

The panels are low energy, flame resistant to DIN 4102 (B1) and long lasting making them ideal to display 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Interior Design with Illuminated Panels

Transform your Office Space

Create an impact in your office by having your own designs, images or logo backlit using the AlphaW panels.

The lightweight frames make them easy to install without buttressing existing walls.

AlphaW Backlit Panels create a beautiful addition to the interior design of any space.

Backlit Panel Gallery

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  • Backlit Panel Image 1
  • Backlit Panel Image 2
  • Backlit Panel Image 14
  • Backlit Panel Image 15
  • Backlit Panel Image 3
  • Backlit Panel Image 4
  • Backlit Panel Image 5
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  • Backlit Panel Image 7
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  • Backlit Panel Image 9
  • Backlit Panel Image 10
  • Backlit Panel Image 11
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  • Backlit Panel Image 13
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