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Acoustic Panels that Absorb Sound

Beneath that beautiful exterior lies sound absorption material that helps you control the acoustics of your chosen space.

Whether on walls, as room partitions or suspended from ceilings, AlphaW Design panels make it possible to absorb sound and reduce noise in any environment.

Use wall panels to reduce background noise

Wall Panels

AlphaW Design wall panels are the perfect solution to sound control in noisy environments. The more wall space you cover, the more sound you absorb, meaning you can fine-tune the acoustics to suit your environment.

Sound proof rooms using partitions

Acoustic Room Partitions

If you need to divide a room temporarily whilst maintaining control of your acoustics, then AlphaW Design offer absorption panels in a mini-partition format. Separate spaces and reduce background noise with these stunning panels.

"AlphaW Design product was ideal as it combined the elements of branding, aesthetics and sound absorbency."

Stuart Aitken - Director, TDA Interiors

Break up open space with noise absorbing divides

Ceiling Panels

AlphaW Design panels can be installed directly onto ceilings to reduce echoing sound and improve acoustics in large spaces. This lightweight product can be attached to ceilings whether they are modular or made of gypsum board.

Acoustic Panel Gallery

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Office Acoustic Solutions


Room partitions, wall panels & meeting rooms, see our office sound absorption and decorative solutions

Retail Advertising and Acoustic Solutions


From restaurants to cafes, clothes shops to opticians; promote your brand whilst controlling ambient noise levels

Commercial & Domestic Acoustic Panels


Transform your corporate messaging and exhibition spaces with Backlit & Acoustic Panels

AlphaW Acoustic Partitions, Wall and Ceiling Panels