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AlphaW Acoustic & Backlit Panel Applications

Acoustic and Backlit panels have a wide range of applications over different industries. From restaurants to exhibition halls, offices to the home, the AlphaW Design panels provide high-level sound absorption, stunning visuals and the ability to illuminate your space.

Scroll down the page to see how our AlphaW Design Acoustic & Backlit panels are being used across the globe, alternatively use the buttons to navigate.

Office Acoustic Applications

Sound proof meeting room

Meeting Rooms

AlphaW Acoustic panels are ideal to use within boardrooms and meeting rooms. The sound absorbing properties provide:

Reduce noise in open plan offices

Open Plan Office Noise Reduction

Open plan offices suffer from noise pollution due to the general buzz of a working environment. AlphaW Design panels can be used as room divides and desk partitions to absorb and manage sound levels.

The acoustic panel is ideal for different departments working in one large office; sales can ring their bell; whilst accounts can concentrate in peace with their spreadsheets.

Acoustic Hotdesk

Acoustic Hotdesks and Breakout Rooms

AlphaW Design panels are incredibly flexible and can be made to any size. They are perfect to utilise in smaller spaces to control sound and are ideal for hot-desks and to keep noise pollution emitting from breakout rooms to a minimum.

"The AlphaW system offered my recording studio a fantastic and visually striking element that was quick and easy to install, combining design conscious aesthetics, coupled with great sound absorption."

Dave Lockyer - Frontline Music

Retail Acoustic Applications

Control the level of sound in your cafe, restaurant or shop

Control Noise

In any retail environment, from cafe to restaurant, clothes boutique to jewellery shop, it's important to get your noise levels right.

AlphaW Design acoustic panels can be used on walls to absorb sound as well as adding to the aesthetics of your interior design. Panels can also be used on the ceiling to minimise impact of your space, but still provide fantastic sound management in high ceiling buildings.

Illuminate your window displays

Backlit Advertisements

The AlphaW Design backlit panels create a stunning advertisement for displaying products and services.

The LED system uses very little energy and with a life of around 30,000 hours they are ideal to display your artwork 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Marketing Applications

Stuning Exhibition Stand with Illumanted AphaW Backlit Panels


The AlphaW Design panels offer a stunning solution for your exhibition space. Choose the message you need to communicate and ensure the sound environment is kept comfortable for visiting customers.

The lightweight design means they are easy to transport and install, with the detachable coving being simple to maintain.

The printed fabric can be regularly replaced to keep your messages fresh and up-to-date from one exhibition to the next.

Large Scale Advertising

Large Scale Advertising

The durable fabric and frames make ideal billboard sized stand-out adverts.

The printing is so sharp and clean that your images and messaging can be displayed with incredible quality.

And because the fabric can be replaced easily you can advertise different products by simply ordering a new fabric print and refreshing your message.

Home Acoustic Applications

Sound proofing for the home

Sound Proofing for the Home

AlphaW Design panels can be integrated into your living space to manage sound levels. Whether to combat echo from high ceilings, or to separate space without walls, the panels are designed to blend perfectly into your environment.

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Acoustic & Backlit Displays for Offices, Retail, Marketing & The Home