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AlphaW Design Testimonials

Success Story – Money Saving Solution for Multiple Sclerosis Centre

Chilterns Multiple Sclerosis Centre in Wendover, Bucks is a charity that cares for the people of Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.

Two of the services they offer is pilates for those with minor conditions of MS and also a mindfulness therapy which involves meditation.

The two rooms used for the pilates and mindfulness therapy are adjacent to each other. The music generated from the Pilates class was audible through a closed double door; disturbing the mindfulness meditation sessions.

Two options were available:

  1. Take out the double doors between the two rooms and infill using breeze blocks, re-skim the plaster and re-decorate. This would cause a great deal of disruption, noise, and dust and would also disrupt the two classes for at least a week.
  2. Use an AlphaW panel to block the entrance to the double doors and reduce the noise from one room passing to the whilst allowing the double doors to remain.

Chilterns MS Centre chose the second option and in the words of Sarah Jones the leader of the Mindfulness treatment:

"These attractive panels have reduced the noise level to such an extent that my classes of meditation and mindfulness can take place without any interruption from the Pilates class next door."

MS Centre - Trustee Julie
MS Centre - AlphaW Sound Absorbing Panel Solution
MS Centre - Graphical panels that stop sound
Paul McDowell with the AlphaW Design panel
MS Centre - Noise reducing panel solution

Success Story – Thorogood, Replacement Graphics

Thorogood, based in Ealing, West London, installed their AlphaW wall panels last year and are really pleased with the aesthetics and the sound absorbing properties of their panels.

Thorogood originally chose to create ‘generic panels’ using Shutterstock images. They soon realised that it would be much more personal if they used photos of existing employees. They decided to make new textiles to substitute three of their 15 panels.

The three new changes were quickly installed in the first week of January 2016. The photos for the graphics were voted for by employees to add an extra element of fun.

Take a look at the slideshow to see the before and after photographs and how easy the panels are to change.

  • Acoutic Panel Image 0
  • Acoutic Panel Image 1
  • Acoutic Panel Image 2
  • Acoutic Panel Image 3
  • Acoutic Panel Image 4
  • Acoutic Panel Image 5
  • Acoutic Panel Image 6

Success Story – Thorogood, Ealing London

Thorogood of Ealing, were looking to reduce the amount of persistent reverb present in some of the meeting areas in their new office.

After consultation with their interior design firm, TDA Interiors (TDA), Thorogood chose AlphaW Design panels to provide an acoustic solution that complemented the aesthetics of their new offices.

During June 2014, 14 panels were installed, ranged in size from 2500mm x 1200mm to 1200mm x 1200mm.

The images on the panels were of cities and countries from around the world to highlight Thorogood’s international presence.

Since Thorogood is based in Ealing, a theme of London was picked for their canteen area, depicting the culture in the form of bobby helmets, route master buses and union jacks.

The client became aware of AlphaW Design following a recommendation from TDA who were particularly pleased with the way the product combined the two elements of branding and sound absorbency.

On completion of the project Stuart Aitken, Director of TDA, commented;

"When we first met Thorogood their brief for the new office was that it had to be acoustically much better than their existing offices, it was important that the new office was heavily branded with images of cities where they had other offices together with some corporate imagery.

The AlphaW Design product was ideal as it combined the elements of branding, aesthetics and sound absorbency. We worked very closely with the client to select suitable images, and then with AlphaW Design to ensure that the quality of the images in relation to the size of the frames was going to produce an end product that was crisp in definition.

The client, Thorogood, was extremely happy with the finished product and it has certainly lived up to expectations."

Acoustic Panel installed Office sound absorbing wall panels Thorogood happy customer

Success Story – Dave Lockyer; Frontline Music

Drummer Dave Lockyer was looking to improve the aesthetics of his recording studio, whilst adding to the rooms' sound absorption properties, when he enquired about AlphaW Design panels.

Dave wanted to improve the interior design of an area that he spends a great deal of time in, and wanted a feature that could help reduce sound reverb.

The AlphaW Design acoustic panels were the perfect solution to Dave’s requirements. He chose a stand-out design that has transformed the look of the studio whilst improving the sound properties of the room. On completion of the installation he commented:

"The AlphaW system offered my recording studio a fantastic and visually striking element that was quick and easy to install, combining design conscious aesthetics, coupled with great sound absorption"

Aesthetic Sound Control for Music Studios Musician Dave Lockyer chooses AlphaW to absorb sound in his music studio

Success Story – Monkton Park Hub, Wiltshire County Council

When Wiltshire County Council identified the need to refurbish their Monkton Park Hub offices they knew they had to address potential acoustic problems with their large open space.

There had always been a problem with noise in their previous office because it was 'open plan'. Following a conversation with the architect working on the project, DKA of Bath, AlphaW Design was contacted to discuss potential solutions.

AlphaW Design proposed that seven acoustic panels should be used, specifically around the middle of the building that had a large open space and a roof window with the potential to be very noisy.

The architect and Wiltshire County Council decided to choose the solution.

Images of iconic buildings from around Wiltshire were printed onto the panels, which were colour coordinated to each of the office's floor areas.

The installation was a success; the AlphaW panels not only help with the acoustics in the space, they also create a focal point which promotes the county’s identity.

As the printed covers are replaceable it has given Wiltshire County Council the opportunity to change the artwork regularly and also provides the option to display images and communications for special events.

Open space sound absorbing wall panels Stylish docorative panels

Success Story - Hampshire County Council

Hampshire County Council chose AlphaW Design when they were looking for a solution to noise interference from a staff breakout area.

The County Council was in the process of refurbishing their Toton office in Southampton in order to provide staff with an informal meeting area.

In designing the breakout area they wanted to ensure that adjacent offices would not be disturbed by traveling noise. To prevent this they contacted AlphaW Design to enquire about acoustic panels that could be supplied with high quality personalised artwork.

A range of panels were supplied that were both acoustically and decoratively pleasing, specifically chosen to fit into the office environment.

Hampshire County Council chose a range of images that complemented their interior design as you can see from the images.

The project has been a complete success and AlphaW Design looks forward to satisfying the needs of other clients in search of similar solutions.

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