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Fine Tune Your Acoustics & Transform Your Space
Combine a high level of sound absorption with personalised design
stunning print quality using AlphaW Design acoustic panels
Create an impact with stunning visuals using your own artwork
Acoustic Panels

Sound Absorbing Panels

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Decorative Panels

Decorative Solutions

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Commercial & Domestic Acoustic Panels

Backlit LED Panels

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AlphaW Design Acoustic Panels

Architects and designers now have the perfect solution to manage an area’s ambient noise levels, whilst enhancing the aesthetics of their space

Whether on walls, as room partitions or suspended from ceilings, AlphaW Design panels make it possible to absorb sound and reduce noise in any environment.

If you are looking to fine-tune your acoustics and transform your space, the solution is AlphaW Design.

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Example decorative and acoustic panels from AlphaW Design

"The panels create a focal point which reinforces the county's identity within the heart of the space and tie together the colours used throughout the building."

Rebecca Furse - Designer & Environmental Psychologist - DKA

Office Acoustic Solutions


Room partitions, wall panels & meeting rooms, see our office sound absorption and decorative solutions

Retail Advertising and Acoustic Solutions


From restaurants to cafes, clothes shops to opticians; promote your brand whilst controlling ambient noise levels

Commercial & Domestic Acoustic Panels


Transform your corporate messaging and exhibition spaces with Backlit & Acoustic Panels

AlphaW Design Acoustic & Decorative Panels & Partitions